International Aerobatic Club Chapter 34

Ohio Chapter 34 - International Aerobatic Club

IAC34 Officers and Members

ent: Connor Griffith

  Connor grew up watching his dad and uncle fly, so becoming a pilot was a given. He received his private at 19 and have been flying taildraggers for the past four years.
He lives on a private 2300' grass strip in Warren, OH (80OH). He spends most of weekends at a small aviation museum that his dad recently opened on the airstrip (Ernie Hall Aviation Museum).
In June, he graduated from a tech program offered by First Energy/Kent State Trumbull and got hired at Ohio Edison as a distribution Lineman. His first purchase was a 1989 Christen Eagle II. Connor hopes to compete with it one day, but still needs some more acro training before any of that.
He is am currently the treasurer of his local EAA Chapter 117. He is looking forward to helping IAC34 grow and get more young pilots involved so they too may enjoy the thrills of aerobatics.


Vice President: Eric Dobson

Eric is a resident of Powell Ohio.  Aviation has been a love of his since he can remember. Both father and grandfather were pilots. While perusing many pastimes, flying has always been in the forefront. 

 He began learning to fly almost ten years ago at the Union County Airport.  Two years ago he bought his first aircraft, a 1963 Piper Cherokee. 
Shortly after that he became the on-site manager of the Union County Airport as the new FBO, Skyvista Aviation, took over operations in 2016.  He has always had a desire to fly aerobatics but had not had the  chance until last year when he flew in a Bucker Jungmann. 
To say he was hooked would be an understatement. He is committed to IAC 34 as a source to continue flying and learning about aerobatics.  I'm enthusiastic to begin a leadership role within the chapter to help make that happen.



 Secretary: Eric Hubin

Eric has attended the IAC34 AcroCamp in May 2017.  He flew the Super Decathlon pictured here. The plane is from the airport at Xenia, where he was taking flight lessons.

Eric also participated in the Ohio Aerobatic Open in June this summer. He flew in the Sportsman category, placing fifth.
He also attend two other MidAmerica regional contests, the Hoosier Hoedown and the Michigan Aerobatic Open. 



Treasurer: Chris Keegan 


Chris is a private pilot. He used to fly the DR 109 pictured here in the Advanced category.His current acro mount is an EXTRA 300. Chris has served as the Starter for the Ohio Aerobatic Open and was the Contest Director for the IAC East Championships (Ohio Open) in 2014.


Member at Large: Eric Backscheider

Eric is a Certified Flight Instructor. He has flown his Pitts S-2B in the Sportsman category. He has also been a valuable volunteer at the contest serving in the role of Starter. 

Eric owns and operates an advanced flight school offering tailwheel and upset training. You can read more about it at his Facebook page and see the action on his YouTube channel. 


Member at Large: Brett Hunter

Brett has been flying aerobatics for over 15 years. He currently competes in the Unlimited category and was an Unlimited USA team member at the 2013 and 2015 World Aerobatic Championships. He is a corporate pilot and flies airshows in his highly modified Pitts S-2C. 

You can learn more about Brett and his airshow schedule at his website,



Photos of other IAC34 members can be seen HERE

Aerobatic Open and is a Regional Aerobatic Judge. Interim President: Gordon Penner
penner.gk at

Gordon is an ATP and flies professionally for Atlas in a 747. He flies 
his Pitts S1C in the Sportsman Category. Gordon has been a member 
of IAC34 for over 11 years and served in various capacities as 
President, Treasurer and has been the Contest Director at the Ohio 
Aerobatic Open and is a Regional Aerobatic Judge. 
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