International Aerobatic Club Chapter 34

Ohio Chapter 34 - International Aerobatic Club


Have an aerobatic airplane, parts, books, or other aerobatics-related stuff to sell? Contact our webmaster to get a listing here. New listings will be highlighted in the next month's newsletter. 

- Aerobatic Coaching / Training

World-class aerobatic training and coaching in your aircraft from airshow pilot and Unlimited competitor Brett Hunter. Brett has trained with former Russian champion Nikolai Timofeev, was on the US Unlimited team at WAC13 and WAC2015. You can reach him via email or his website

- Aerobatics Books for Loan

I have several aerobatics books that I'm willing to loan to anyone in the chapter. If you're interested in reading one, contact Samuel Weaver via the Contact page and we can meet at the next chapter meeting

- Williams, Neil. Aerobatics. Airlife Publications, 1975.
- Cassidy, Alan. Better Aerobatics. Freestyle Aviation Books, 2003
- Davisson, Budd. Pitts Specials. Motorbooks International, 1991
- Thomas, Bill. Fly for Fun. 1985
- Mason, Sammy. Stalls, Spins, and Safety. McGraw Hill, 1982
- Jones, Lt. Col. Mel R. Above and Beyond: 8 Great American Aerobatic Champions. TAB, 1984
- Cole, Duane. Conquest of Lines and Symmetry. Duane Cole, 1970

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